Awakened Creativity

            Sedona, AZ


Our womb holds the ancient secrets of our inner voice. When the energy and emotional wounds are cleared, we have access to our intuitive guidance, stillness, and the magical expression of Creativity. As we awaken and intimately explore the numb parts of our past; the raw energy births our unique, immense power that resides within. 


Emotional imprints are stored deep within the womb. Memories of mistrust, personal crisis, suppression, despair, rage. and shame are the shadow energies that block the full expression of our artistic nature. As we acknowledged through feeling and acceptance, we can merge the parts of us that are separate through purification, revealing the primal power and organic flowering of our artistic expression. 


Beneath the hidden traumas of the feminine essence, is our genius awaiting to emerge in union with our heart space. It is time to be enraptured by the absolute desire to play. Are you ready to let go of the seriousness of our stories? Now is the time to awaken the gems of delight that come from the alchemy of the awakened womb. The greatest magic is revealed when we express our primal fears and remember our childlike imagination. The wild and illogical true nature of art awaits to be revealed. 

Awakened Creativity


DAY ONE - 9/18/2019

5:00: Check into your Accommodations

5:55: Activation of our Imagination

As a group, we will activate our childlike wonder and Imagination at 5:55 p.m., the number for Christ consciousness and change. 

6:30-7:30: Orientation and Welcome Ceremony 

We welcome you to your retreat experience and the Gathering of the Goddess. We will explain the process of our retreat and set the powerful intentions to focus the tone of our transformational experience. 


We will use the tools to ignite the Sacred Goddess within. We will gather as a Circle of support calling forth clarity of your Soul’s purpose and artistic expression.  Through guided imagery, we align and reveal the next steps of your exploratory journey.



DAY TWO - 9/19/19

8:30-9:30: The Tibetan 5 Rites


The Tibetan 5 Rites: 

The Tibetan Five Rites are known as the Fountain of Youth. They effectively strengthen and stretch all the main muscles in your body and assists with balance. The Tibetan monks live long, vibrant healthy lives due to this healthy practice. Learn the simple movements that stimulate and enhance the sense of well-being and reduce the speed of the aging process. 



9:30-10:00:  Break and Journal


10:00-12:00: The Naked Truth 

We access our true power when we are able to deeply observe through the calm eye of your emotional hurricane the truth of our Soul’s purpose. We dive deeply into frequencies contained within our physical, mental and emotional bodies. We receive the opportunity to release long-held traumas and blockages, merge the fragmented parts of Self, and identify and release the judgment of our bodies and Self. We heal the identities made along our journey and deeply integrate the parts of us still holding on to pain. Together we witness the crevices of our shadow and guilt.  We receive an awakening from the attunement of harmony of Pure black light, the Source of creation. Intuitively orchestrated, we allow that which needs to be seen have a voice and be heard. We rewrite the programs of the old to the alchemy of the Soul’s creation. We connect deeply to the Goddess within and ask her to reveal the truth of her Being. 


12:00-1:00: Journal and Organic Healthy Lunch (you provide)


1:00-2:30: Exploring the Canvas

There is a painting that has been longing to be birthed through you. It is an unique and has it's own voice. We will begin by feeling into the canvas and asking pertinent questions for it's expression. We will awaken the mystery through connecting to the future part of your Self that already knows what desires to be revealed. 

2:30-3:00: Break Organic Healthy Snack (you provide)

3:00-5:30: Exploring the Canvas

We continue to unveil the foundation of our painting. 

DAY THREE: 9/20/2019

8:30-9:30: The Tibetan 5 Rites

9:30-10:00:  Break and Journal

10:00- 12:00: Mysteries of the Womb 

The womb is the honest mirror of the Soul. It contains the Primal Power of and the ancient secrets. It is the Inner Voice and the container for the deepest guidance, clarity, the expression of the creative force. The Primordial Voice that connects us to the web of life not only heals the wounds of the past but also transcends the gifts for deeper exploration. We will immerse ourSelves in the Pure Source dark Light of creation and access the power within. We explore and reveal the vulnerable, honest, feminine essence. 


Here in the blocked energy of the shadow, the veils between memories and emotions of mistrust in life can be transformed. We will  ignite the direct guidance and voice of life through the nourishing organic flowering of the womb. 


12:00-1:00: Journal and Organic Healthy Lunch (you provide)


1:00-2:30: Exploring the Canvas

2:30-3:00: Break Organic Healthy Snack (you provide)

3:00-5:30: Exploring the Canvas

DAY FOUR - 9/21/19


8:30-9:30: The Tibetan 5 Rites

10:00-12:00: Sacred Feminine Initiation

Indigenous traditions knew the way of the womb. Together we RECEIVE the Sacred Feminine Initiation of the Holy temple within. In the feminine core we reveal the creative potential, vitality, sensual power, and the ability to manifest. We attune to the ocean and moon, immersed beneath the surface where we unite with the power of nature, the womb of Gaia, and the Cosmic womb. 


We call for our life Force energy, restoring the ways we have not honored our vessel. We rewrite the stories of our human journey and discover within the darkness the alchemy of the gifts. We restore the power of our misused energies. We welcome the benefits through increased vitality, creativity, reduced stress, and living a present and joyful life.

12:00-1:00: Journal and Organic Healthy Lunch (you provide)

1:00-2:30: Exploring the Canvas

2:30-3:00: Break Organic Healthy Snack (you provide)

3:00-5:30: Exploring the Canvas

DAY FIVE - 9/22/18  Equinox Celebration

10:30-12:30: Vitality

We adventure into the outdoors to feel and attune with Spirit in one of Sedona's most beautiful vortexes. Explore the landscape outdoors as we deeply connect our awareness and open to interdimensional flows of energy. We find the power of the present moment and recharge our vitality through nature. We connect to the rhythm of Earth’s pulsation and attune our body vehicles through Gaia’s harmony. There we invoke and restore our Soul song. We will experience a guided nature walk and to cultivate mindfulness and presence. 


12:30-1:30: Lunch, Journal, Free time 


1:30-3:00: The Sacred Flowing Waters

Water is the element that gives our planet life. It is a conductor of electricity and makes up 70% of our body. We activate the water element and molecules in our Sacred Temple body. Through this, our structure organizes in it’s Harmonic Balance and tunes into the magnetic grid. 


Through the Living Waters of the the Feminine essence, we ignite the forgotten powers of the womb-heart connection. We dream and birth New realities through the emergence of our Feminine essence. We claim the potential of the divine mystery.


We learn to calm the waters through our loving gentle touch. We restore the vital flow of our sensual Self and receive as the feminine vessel the tools to navigate with our intuitive unfoldment of your world with ease, fulfillment and joy!


3:00-3:30: Organic Healthy Snack (you provide)


3:30-5:00: Activating the Goddess

When the womb is cleared, healed,and restored with connection to the heart; a woman comes into her full power. The feminine fire holds the crucible and container for heart-centered relationships. 


Through the open womb, the great knowledge and mysteries are revealed. We awaken the expansion of authenticity through the unveiling of the true Self. We release the intoxicating fragrance of the ecstasy and ignite the flame of the Goddess radiance. 


DAY SIX - 9/23/19

8:30-9:30: Ecstatic Dance


10:30-12:30: The Feminine Christ

The Feminine Christ is NOW anchoring on Terra. We surrender to the full power of expression of the many faces of the feminine archetypes. We unite with the triple Goddess and embody the personal Mastery of the feminine force that pulsates through our veins. 


We call forth the Divine Mother to live through us. Together we anchor the bold creative energies of Leo, living through our playfulness, compassion, and healing energies of the Sacred Feminine. 


12:00-1:30: Lunch, Journaling 

1:00-2:30: Exploring the Canvas

3:00-3:30: Organic Healthy Snack (you provide)

3:30-5:30: Exploring the Canvas

5:30-6:30: Organic Healthy Snack (you provide)

7:00-9:00: Goddess Celebration, Activation, Sacred Sisterhood

We will anchor the energy of our workshop into the Crystalline-Heart Grid as our Sacred offering for our transformation.


We RECEIVE the connection and clarity of our gathering. Unity plans for our continual support and relations.   




Additional days and sessions may be available by request 

All sessions offered by Empower Wholeness LLC


Pricing for this Awakened Creativity is $1555

Want to bring a friend? Two people $1111 each

Accommodations offered separately. 


It's a slumber party! 

We have rented a very large home and accomodations are available. 

Please inquire quickly, as space is limited. 

Food available at closeby, walking distance restaurants

Single or double occupancy arrangements.  

Nearby hotels:

Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa

Courtyard by Marriott Sedona 






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Susan has trained in Shiloh McCloud’s Color of Woman Intentional Creativity modality. She teaches like she paints; boldly and bravely. She deeply believes that women are made to CREATE and she is committed to assisting in the exploration of  our creative passion. She is our creative guide on our journey to reconnect with your inner Goddess!


Elayne has had extensive experience in healing work and creating harmony within. She has learned to harness and awaken the miracles of alchemy. Behind the trauma and pain, their is a dormant gift awaiting to be unveiled.  Elayne's comprehensive work has inspired women to embody the Goddess. Her guiding presence awakens the Feminine powers of creativity and the pure expression through art and communion with nature.