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The Erotic Creator Rites

Unveil the Mastery of the Erotic Creator 

The Erotic Creator Rites



9/20/ 2020 


22 pre-recorded video sessions

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The Erotic Creator Rites is a 22 week-long course. Each Rite is designed to ignite dormant DNA codes and balance the morphogenic field through your holographic reality.  Creating a vibrational frequency match, the unveiling awareness of The Erotic Creator Template and the Creational Principles are restored. United we reveal the Erotic Creator template of the awakened Feminine essence. Revive the optimal balance as a Sovereign Sexual being. We activate the Goddess and God codes through the embodiment of the Emerald Codes, Lemurian Codes, Regeneration Codes, and the Sacred Rays.  The restoration of the Feminine Christ and the Creator, Isis and her 10,000 names, harmonizing wisdom of the Law of One.. Light-encoded exchanges awaken the Highest trajectories and transfer of Co-Creation with Pure Source potential. 






 1.   RITE OF THE EROTIC CREATOR - Remembering our Innate Power as Creator. 

 2.   RITE OF SEXUAL EXPRESSION - Awakening our Sexual pleasure. 

 3.   RITE OF PRESENCE - Communing with the Beloved. 

 4.   RITE OF HIEROS GAMOS - Initiating the Purest form of Love.   

 5.   RITE OF THE BELOVED - Merging with the BELOVED.

 6.   RITE OF THE 3rd SACRED FIRE - Igniting the 3rd Sacred Flame of Pure Potential.   

 7.   RITE OF AURORA- Restoring the Mother/Father Arc and The Arc of the Covenant.  

 8.   RITE OF TRUE INTIMACY - Arousing the Sacred Heart of Communion.

 9.   RITE OF THE DARK LIGHT- Enveloping the raw energy of Creation. 

10.  RITE OF THRESHOLD TO INFINITIUM - Delighting in the Fruit of LIfe. 

11.  RITE OF THE MOUTH OF THE GODDESS-  Activating the Powers of Shakti.

12.  RITE OF THE FEMININE PRINCIPLE - Returning to the Cave of Wonders. 

13.  RITE OF THE SACRED MARRIAGE - Experiencing Benevolent Love. 

14.  RITE OF THE HARMONIC ARC - Harmonizing the Sacred Body Temple. 

15.  RITE OF THE SILVER RAY - Birthing the SOUL SONG. 

16.  RITE OF DIVINE WORSHIP - Pleasuring through Divine Union.

17.  RITE OF THE STAR OF INFINITUM - Mastering the Universal Love.  

18.  RITE OF THE MIRRORS OF MAGDALENE - Adorning the Sacred Robes of Light.  

19.  RITE OF GREAT WORTH - Awakening the Ancient Soul.

20.  RITE OF FERTILE POTENTIAL - Receiving the Throne of the King/Queen codes.  

21.  RITE OF HOLY DESIRE - Vibrating Pure Love in Union.

22.  RITE OF DIVINE UNION - Communing in the flesh and heart as ONE. 




The Erotic CreatorRites


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"When the sleeping woman awakens, she too will shake the very foundations

of this earth, and when she learns to Ride the Dragon of her power and light, 

all realms will also shake and shudder, for at that time they will know a 

new existence has come into being."  

~ Pistis Sophia

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