Sacred Divine Feminine

The Sacred Divine Masculine Rites

Unveil the Mastery of the Feminine GodSelf 

Sacred Divine Masculine Rites 




22 pre-recorded video sessions

Additional classroom mentorship:

Elayne Le Monde joins with Male mentors

Healing and Pleasure Rituals

 Progress tracking through personal project

 GodSelf graduation 


Single payment of $2222


12 Payments of $222

Couples (Feminine/Masculine Rites) $3333

The Sacred Divine Masculine Rites is a 22 week-long course. Each Rite is designed to ignite dormant DNA codes and balance the morphogenic field through your holographic reality.  Creating a vibrational frequency match, the unveiling awareness of the Sacred Divine Masculine Template and the Feminine Principles are restored. United we reveal the Sacred Divine Masculine Rites; the template of the Feminine essence. Revive the optimal balance as a Sovereign Sexual Being. We activate the GodSelf through the embodiment of the Emerald Codes, Lemurian Codes, Regeneration Codes, and the Sacred Rays.  The restoration of the     Feminine Christ and Creator, Isis and her 10,000 names, harmonizing wisdom of the Law of One.. Light-encoded exchanges awaken the Highest trajectories and transfer of Infinite Wisdom





The Sacred Divine Masculine Rites

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"When the sleeping woman awakens, she too will shake the very foundations

of this earth, and when she learns to Ride the Dragon of her power and light, 

all realms will also shake and shudder, for at that time they will know a 

new existence has come into being."  

~ Pistis Sophia


The Sacred Divine Mystery School  has been a life-changing evolution of my soul in epic proportions. Elayne's gifts are so powerful and her ability to guide through this journey has revealed the unfoldment of my Goddess Self. This work is priceless! I am not the same woman I was when we began the Mystery School. Like the Phoenix Rising in multiple levels, layers and dimensions, many deaths and rebirths took place. I strongly encourage all women on the quest to know their soul at the deepest level to do this course. Rising to the highest frequency vibration showed my true essence through the work of the school.  There are no words to describe the depth of gratitude in my heart for this program. Thank you, thank you, thank you Elayne for sharing your unique purpose.   ~Stacy 

The Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery School has been a life-changing journey for me. I started the course as a woman labeled with an illness; my life on hold, denying parts of myself, and not knowing how to move forward. As my focus shifted toward the Goddess, I realized the perfection of all. This high vibration put my physical limitations quickly in the background. As we moved through the various Rites, the effect was so empowering that I started to feel better, look vibrant, and have more energy. I had a profound healing shift toward wholeness. 

The Rites brought restoration on a deep level; personally and collectively. The Rite of Sovereignty made me take up more space, claim my energy, and maintain my vitality with love. I saw this reflected in my husband’s behavior as he started to treat me as a Queen. Now  I have clarity about my soul’s purpose. The Rite of the Sacred Dance seemed to be designed especially for me. My awakened inner knowing has shown my the new talents that await. My artistic expression has quantum leaped to the next level, my unique contribution to the New Earth. I am forever grateful to Elayne and my Sister Goddesses.  ~Gonnie

I met Elayne in a very divinely synchronistic way while visiting Hawaii. Before leaving the island, I felt a pull to take full advantage of all the support available for my own unfolding journey. I had a powerful, transformative session with Elayne and signed up for The Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery School as a result. The significance of the time and gifts is profound and being a part of this special group has nurtured me. All is unfolding as my soul is orchestrating everything within.  Through dynamic choices and interactions, I have discovered this deepest truth. I am grateful for the connection with Elayne and the Goddess group that we shared in the sacred journey of Divine Mystery and personal clarity. ~Kristine

Thank you Goddess Elayne for holding space as our powerful teacher and guide.  The Rites you have gifted us awakened the true Self. We discovered while being in human form, we are Divine and have the power to harness the raw energy of our human perception.  These Rites have helped me to deeply love me while embodying the power to move forward with grace.  Beautiful videos and well worth a repeated watch!  ~Namaste Goddess Karen

When I started this journey, I was in the dark night of the soul. When I found Elayne, I was clawing at the rim of life to hold on. I was so tired of living in such deep grief, my soul hungered to heal. I plunged in to the Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery School facing every fear and limitation holding me back. No true self love, fear of money, unable to trust the unknown, and trapped in old thought processes.


Over the course, my soul and body healed to a new level and vibration with every module. The day we did module 22, the final one, was pivotal for me. I launched my own business, due to the wealth activation and innate Goddess knowing that I create my own destiny. Each level was a profound progression. I now know the meaning of true self love.


Elayne's guidance has empowered my spirituality and life journey. Now I have true joy wherever I go and my heart is happy with my new vibration. I am a natural leader and this course has given me the mindset to jump off into my own destiny and purpose. I am living my best life now! I rewatch the modules to continue to receive information and stay focused. The Sacred Divine Mystery School is a complete Soul awakening and life changer.  ~Suzette

With each class we evolved, opening keys and codes with the sacred keys of the Divine Feminine. It was so powerful to transmute energy for the collective whole. The Mystery School work is very beautiful and challenging. Energy shifts were deep and profound opening higher consciousness and portals of awareness.  Together we lift each other to higher vibration embodiment.  All will enjoy the process I have experienced with Elayne and the Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery School.  ~Tina

The unique services offered by Elaine Lemon (Elayne Le Monde) are not to be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment of any disease. Elayne is not a physician or psychologist, and will refer you to such as needed.