Our Mission

The Mysteries of the Lemurian Keys and Codes of the Goddess/God embodiment ignite the powers as One with Source Creator. Harmony renewed through Universal Love, our New template is the power of the Feminine re-birthed through the flow of life force. Her blossoming fragrance exudes the Ambrosia of the Holy Grail; the return to innocence through immersion of sexual sacramental communion with the Beloved. His return to the dark cave of wonders revives the Kundilini connection; restoring the energetic neutrality of Spirit and Matter, gender neutrality, and the anchoring of Divine love.  

The Hara's hidden treasures contain the mysteries of the Universe. Initiations of the sacred traditions of the awakened womb replace the Patriarchal model; the counterfeit Feminine principles. The Sacred Divine Feminine Template is Now restored. 


Thriving sexual channels are the key to optimal vitality and well-being.The rising powers of Shakti revitalizes the life-force as the innate restorative energy of the body by cleansing the chakras, Light-body system, and the subtle-energy systems of the Nadi's.

Through transmissions of the Sacred Divine Feminine/Masculine Rites, Sacred Divine Masculine Rites, The Erotic Creator Rites, and the Sacred Sexual Sacrament Rites; the dormant DNA accesses the All-Knowing of the multi-verse. Holographic integration restores the spark through a balanced Alta Major Chakra, known as the Mouth of the Goddess.