A Love so Pure and Familiar

Your Soul gently rouses me from a deep state of slumber. A love so pure and familiar beyond this existence. Our union echoes our remembrance transcending space and time.

Memories of your silky skin entice my yearning desire to touch your flesh and to relish in the reflection of our sacred dance. My tongue craves to caress your neck and ears, hearing your satiated moans that ignite all my senses. I long to tremble from the magic of your suckling upon my breasts and quench your thirst with the holy nectar between my thighs.

I desire to worship your masculine essence, intensely receiving the penetration of our hearts unified as One. Your precious spark flows through my veins deeply implanting within my womb our manifestation of love. Engulfed within our magic, we are lost through our presence of merging bliss.

Even in the void of your body, I make love to you to the core of my being through the whispering winds of our limitless existence. The veils part through our harmony. I am in You. You are in Me. The majestic masculine flow is the perfect counterbalance of my feline feminine; purified through the fires of passion.

~© Elayne Le Monde 2020 Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery School Artist: Danis Graveris from Unsplash

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