A Woman's Love Runs Deep and Wild

When you look upon a woman do you reverence her sacred path? Do you witness the beauty of her courage and her sheer determination? Through faith and trust alone, she has navigated the darkest corridors of life. Brave beyond belief, she trusts the beauty of her depth and wisdom.

She is endearing strength, her compassionate heart rallies to support others in their awareness of suffering. Her connection to Mother Earth is merged with the elements, born both of the Earth and of the stars; she is one with the infinite creator. Her cycles are in tune with the Great Mother's rhythm, the ocean tides of ebb and flow; a woman cleanses and renews her tribe through her precious blood.

A woman’s love runs deep and wild. Holding you dear to her heart, long after you have ever penetrated her body. Whispering prayers of gratitude, she releases you to your path of discovery. Yet, her yearning for communion echoes through her veins, for you have become a part of her that will always be silently loved.

You are the witness of her gracious gestures and her essence of Being. Her heart calls forth synchronicity to the vibrational match of her truest nature. Liberated, she aches for the blossoming of her very essence to be witnessed through her counterpart of Love.

She is not an object to use. Her body is Sacred and her essence is sublime. The human portal of Source, the divine mother of humankind. Her holy temple deserves devotion, aligned with the beauty of her BEing. Through your generous worship of the Goddess, she will multiply and expand all dreams and desires brought to her in purity.

©Elayne Le Monde 2019

Artist: Alexander Krivitskiy from Unsplash

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