Arousal of the Infinite

We are living consciousness dancing through our forms. Our sexual expansion is the playground of the awakened heart. Merged with Creator, our flowing bliss unveils the rawness of our authentic expression. Witnesses of the wormhole through time and space, we pierce the void, where nothing exists but this moment as we unify as one flesh, one heart, and one Universal mind.

Our physical yearns to unveil our depth as co-creators with Source. We discover within the ebb and flow of our pleasure, the sacred medicine of our creational powers. In deep surrender, our bodies meld and blend in harmony as we daringly venture into the unknown. Arousal of the infinite is accessed through the sacredness of our divine union.

The fragrance of our fire lingers in a world that has forgotten the scent of the wild. An adventure of prowess, our unveiling sensuality is the pathway of wholeness, revealed through the silence of our minds. Merging through the rawness of our exploration, we discover our bliss as we dare to pierce the threshold of our vulnerably. Magic revealed through our fingertips, tongues, and forms; we lose ourselves in the ecstasy of our pleasure. Our synchronized breath and moans echo a prayer of joy to the wonderment we daringly unveil through the reverence of our sacred worship.

~©Elayne Le Monde 2021

Artist: Yohann-libot-X from Unsplash

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