Believing in Counterfeit Love

Society has been brainwashed intentionally to believe in counterfeit love. A lie of freedom, hidden behind the illusion of confidence and bravery; the alluring path to selfish indulgence and fame has become a distorted acceptance of normalcy. To feast upon the flesh of another, the pink elephant sits in the room as we blame others for our reality. Our quest to release the pent up tension of our sexual essence is only a marker of the lack of respect and love for our body temples; Avatar and container of our Souls.

We have been taught to use another for gratification, clearly knowing we will discard them after our sexual release.

Our hearts and hara's have been severed by allowing passion to rule. We have lost the reverence of communion that is the purest exchange of bliss.

We scatter our energy and sexually cord our lovers, and offer wounded bitch slaps in exchange for our shallow encounters of lust. An armor that shields our vulnerability, we have accepted the complete disregard for our sexual acts and energy; which is designed to mingle and merge our DNA. Making love is the life-force renewal and restoration pathway of wholeness. We drain our life-force in the absence of Love. Those that feel a connection to their sacred sexuality are mocked by those that are closed-hearted. A program to disregaurd another's body and emotions in order to rob the most sacred gift of their power.

Deceit runs rampant through our veins, as we believe being single is a liberated state of norm. Past feeling and connection, our encounters dishonor not only the taker but also the receiver of their loathing reflection of each other’s pain. Lusting upon another's flesh is an insatiable feast. To use another BEing as a conquering quest, objectifies our body temples.

We give our power away to a system designed to harness our emotional chaos. The power of Creation lies within, manifesting worlds and realities of our focus. Only through reverence may harmony be found through the purity of honor. As one awakens to the deep silence of the darkness, the torching flames of disgust burn to the core. Repulsed by the actions of the poisonous trance, we seek to hide our shame through our calloused walls of protection.

You can not run from your shadows. The lies hurt because they are distorations of the truth. Until you face them and claim your sexual power for the purity of love and co-creation; you stand in the wonderment of our collapsing reality victimized by your thoughts of an unfair world.

We get the Love we feel we deserve. Our outer world realty is always reflecting our collective group mind. The lack of inner harmony and separation will shift in a blink of an eye, as we all reverence our body vehicle through only accepting divine union exchanges.

~Elayne Le Monde Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Artist: Charles Deluvio from Unsplash

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