Blessed Samhain

The day when the veils are parted and our ancestors may return to balance their transgressions and restore wholeness through integrity, we receive the quickening of the pure dark light.

We call upon all those that have walked the earthly plane to transcend the distortions of truth, that we may Be in unison through the Universal mind. We invoke the codes of Paradise and command a neutral zone of peace to prevail our ever-shifting Earth, our library of learning.

Our veils drop as all shall see the miracles of those that have chosen the purity of wholeness. Integration of our shadows with our light; for no ego may remain. Refined by the fires of our heart’s flame, through Divine Grace, all is purified through our compassion. We recognize we are the creators of it ALL through our focused thoughts and emotions, we put energy into motion.

This day we dream a ripple of Love through the crystalline grids of Terra. Restoring the perfection of the imperfection. Awakening the miracles of alchemy through the merging of our fragmented aspects of self, parallel lifetimes, and planetary alignments that merge our monadic state of harmony, integrating all fractal realities to the Pure Source Consciousness.

We give gratitude for the absence of Love upon this planet, as unconditional Love has been the pathway to witness our devotion. We merge through the sacred sphere and container of Creator Goddess our invocation of joy, beauty, and wonderment to our ever-evolving kaleidoscope of time and space; in unison with the Sacred Divine Feminine sphere of creation.

Ho’Opono pono is our mantra as we let all go, let all Be, and set all free. We have faced our deepest shame square in the eye. We have ridden the bull by the horns until both sides finally accepted and surrendered. The only war that exists is our resistance to what is. We Face our Shame. Accept. Merge. Heal. Love. Open. Trust. Lean in. And remain in Presence. We witness our adaptation is the method of survival of any species. We are stronger in our power and focus our hearts flame in unison for the transformation of our existence.

We invoke that which has been written in the stars, where Peace prevails and honor is restored through trust and authenticity.

~Elayne LeMonde 2020

Artist: Manyu Varma from Unsplash

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