Bringing Consciousness to Our Pain

My personal journey of self-awareness has been a messy, deeply profound path that has required me to simply BE with my pain. Through every transition, I learned to observe deeper, listening to my inner knowing, and ultimately this process brought me the discovery of my Soul’s purpose on earth.

I experienced an incredibly challenging path. I believed I was the ultimate victim, born into darkness wide awake to my peace within, I have had to transcend the darkest aspects that occur on our planet.

Within my suffering, I discovered the wealth of wisdom and genius of my Soul’s path, multiverse access to the primordial field of potential, and my awareness of the manifest I AM.

Our true purpose in life is to become the witness in our pain. Individually, our birth family dynamics, our cultural limitations, and our agreements with the collective as a whole; all the ways we limit ourselves is where our true work lies, within our source of pain.

Now, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, this incarnation requires our completion of the old ways of being. We do this through deep introspection of the secrets we reject and repress. We must integrate the shattered and scattered fragments to unify with our inner child, our archetypical patterns, and parallel lifetimes, which trigger unresolved issues to surface for completion.

Deep in the pain are the gifts and siddhis, which are the powers, of the pain. There are hidden gems that may only reveal Self through reverent observation.

Every time we expand to a greater level of awareness, all that is not a vibrational alignment of the new energy must come to the surface to neutralize and heal. This is our sacred work, emissaries of the stars healing mother Gaia through our integration and transcendence of frequency.

I AM grateful for the journey I have walked; a path of Mastery as a teacher for those knowing that ascension and embodiment is the point of this earthly game.

Elayne Le Monde 2021

Artist: Jannes Jacobs from Unsplash

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