Broken Open

Everyone will go through a situation that will break them open to their core. The dark night of the Soul is a powerful time that leads one to realize the perfection of our shadows. As an observer of our pain, our repressed memories must be gently nurtured to merge the fragments of trauma from our stories.

Our unconscious governs 88% of our actions. The average human works with only 12% consciousness. When we are broken open, we are able to feel the rawness of our pain. The emptiness reveals our agreements and alignments with our loss of power. The toxic waste of our feelings buried alive must be loved and merged in order to be brought back into wholeness.

It is forgiveness for ourselves that we must find. Our parents can never give us the love they haven’t discovered within themselves. We have the responsibility to heal and parent ourselves. Facing our repression, the slivers of emotions come to the surface for we must feel it to heal it. The grace of our own love is our healing balm.

Our only true purpose in life is to Know our Self. We do this when we stop the war within. We are creating All of our reality through our vibration.

Miracles and love are on the other side of our suffering. As we change our frequency through healing our pain, alchemy will occur. The only way out is through. Bliss awaits the brave who dare to venture into their darkness to witness the truth that lies within.

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