Bullying One into Submission

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Betrayal of one’s inner truth in pursuit of their own indulgence has always been humanity’s demise. In order to control the outcome, people have used dominance over their prey; a survival technique intended to cloak the inner feelings of lack. Bully’s seek to shame another into submission, which is simply an outward statement of their deep feelings of internal unworthiness.

To bully one into submission is an unoriginal tool humanity has always used to force their agenda upon another. A bully is someone that is completely uncomfortable with their own internal direction. To force a belief system through demand; words of shaming, name calling, and physical threats are the ONLY power of the the weak; an out-dated control system that may no longer be tolerated by the awakened Ones.

Perhaps these patterns have worked in the past, it is a way in which society commands us to all be the Same. Our uniqueness is our contribution to the grand puzzle, as each authentic embodiment destabilizes the bully’s agenda.

Mystics have always pointed to the sacred heart which leads the way. Our intuitive voice is our witness, and our navigational power in a destabilized environment. One with Source, our intuitive guidance system aligns us to our path of authenticity. We KNOW the truth by the way it feels. If discomfort arises in the stance of truth, our triggers are our sacred work.

©Elayne Le Monde


Artist: Omer Salon from Unsplash

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