Couple's Intimacy Healing

Another testimonial for my Couple's Intimacy Healing work., I came to Elayne with the hope of digging deeper, adding more tools of value to my life, and to be a better partner through true intimacy.

Only a couple sessions into my 3-month intimacy discovery with Elayne on Zoom; I knew that not only was value being added to my life, the work I was guided to do transformed how I see myself. I learned to observe how I show up and interact with the world.

The work is not easy, pretty, or wrapped up in a bright bow. The work was messy, dirty, and honest. Going all-in on the work was actually the most beautiful kind of liberation and honor. To shine my brightest, I needed to find my way through the hardest, deepest, and darkest places of my life.

Elayne guided me beautifully through those spaces. I am now calling forth and illuminating my own inner light.

~ ;D Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery School

Artist: Jeremy Bishop from Unsplash

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