Deep Holiness within our Suffering

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I sat with him, his hands in mine, as we looked deeply into each other's Soul. “Sister, I just can’t get these images out of my mind, you are the only one that has held space for me to heal”.

He had a horrendous upbringing, trained as a child never to feel; the only path acceptable for a man in his culture was to choose the path of a warrior.

My mind pondered why such a man had crossed my path for healing. Yet, transcendence occurred through learning to love similar characters of my past. Witnessing his mirror through my mastery, I held my presence, internally facing my own triggers, while my heart chose to respond through wholeness. Compassion overcame my inner instincts of fear. Therein, the beauty of our exchange will forever remain with me.

Deep holiness was discovered through Sources overflowing grace. Great Souls have walked the most difficult lives, as pioneers, clearing the path for others. Compassionate listening to learn what made someone who they are, reveals the hidden gems found deep within our suffering.

~Elayne Le Monde 2021

Artist: Louis Eclipx from Unsplash

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