Embracing Life

In our holographic universe, we are cells of Mother Earth, ever-evolving in order to transcend and discover new realities. With the increasing surges of photonic light, we activate the encoding within our DNA, which contains the blueprint and power to transcend our old patterns, archetypes, and realities.

It is an important time to seed our dreams, to focus our energy and attention on our expansion through our innovation. Those in-tune with their heart's desires know that in our child-like wonder, we access our genius through our play.

Let’s plant the seeds of creativity and expansion by finding the magic in simplicity. We are the expression of Spirit and Soul, thriving in the matter. The more we embody and activate our energy fields, the more one is able to access the fields of infinite potential. Life is a living playground where we learn that all is Love, and through our sacred yes to a heart-led action, we discover the bridge to a new reality. Embrace life and find the joy, the only suffering that exists is due to one’s perception and resistance to what is.

~Elayne Le Monde 2020 Artist: Hikersbay Hikersbay @Unsplash

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