Every Breath is a Gift

Life is an amazing opportunity and every breath is a gift. As we live life in a constant state of gratitude and wonder we become the witness of our unveiling path.

There are specific lessons and alignments designed in our journey that one may not avoid. Our mission is to learn to master our vibration and energy field. As we do this, we recognize we are co-creating our reality based upon our knowledge and frequency.

In the realm where all possibilities exist, we align to the timeline that is the most purposeful in order to awaken to a higher awareness of ourselves, gain the abilities to self-regulate our emotions, and thus discover we are manifesting our reality at all times.

Any belief system that is not in alignment with our divine nature is toxic. Our shame, guilt, and judgment are the lowest frequencies one may vibrate. When we create a war or conflict within ourselves, it is our thought-forms and mind loops that withhold our expansion.

Every event and experience are the soul's design in order for us to experience, integrate, and then transcend not only our generational belief systems but also our own adherence to incorrect perspectives. Triggers of unconditional love awaken us to the truth within.

To be one with the eternal nature of consciousness we must relearn all we have been taught in order to be in alignment with our soul’s truth. Radiance and peace are a beautiful way to witness life. We are perfect in every moment. Love is the only thing we must remember.

We are the observer and the observed, a holographic fractal of Pure Source Light experiencing Self through frequency.

~Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Juliana Chyzhov from Unsplash

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