Every Woman Hears the Call

The dark Goddess beckons one to know herself as a sensual witness of embodiment, Every woman hears the call. Her prime begins in her mid forties and continues into later life. The yearning of her inner voice becomes a quest to discover the depth of her passion. A journey of introspection, where she must strip herself from the barriers of her shadows, and arouse the dormant energy within. Bravely unleashing herself from the shackles of her heartache, the pain of her trespasses awakens the magic through her cleansing introspection. A space of transcendence, her unconscious limitations and wounded responses are healed through the voice of her womb.

The hidden gems of the feminine fire arouse her aliveness; unleashing the prowess of her authenticity as she reveals her true sexual nature. Her wild and passionate uniqueness, welcomes the purifying refinement of her feminine temple. Finally, she must question all that has been taught to her by the ignorant, only then does she discover her truth through her curiosity. Her mystery is an invitation into the vast unknown, where unleashing her fiery is the path of liberation.

The mystery of the feminine essence is a sacred communion with Source. Merged with the creatrix, she rises from the ashes, purified through her emptiness. Her true wild nature is a seductress of passion, one with the fires of ecstasy through the dance of Shakti throughout her form.

©Elayne Le Monde 2021

Artist: via Unsplash Ryan Moreno

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