Freedom to Live Authentically

Freedom to Live Authentically As a society, we have been taught that the social norm is to wear masks to hide our identity, play games with others' emotions, and have high expectations of our partners. Nagging or withholding love from our partners to get them to conform is a similar pattern as a parent/child relationship. Both partners play the game of perpetrator, victim, and enabler which restricts the growth and evolution of self in order to conform to the connection.

The fragmented parts of self that have yet to merge will play out these archetypes in order to achieve resolution. Triggers bring up the slivers repressed through manipulation for power. Ultimately, it’s a form of bullying when one attempts to mold their partner into someone they are not, in order to receive acceptance and love.

An authentic, evolved relationship allows a safe space for partners to find conflict resolution and understanding. When we love our partner as an integral part of ourselves, we stop trying to dominate our relationships and allow our partner's a safe space for vulnerability, growth, and expression. We discover through presence that we are all looking for a balanced reflection of love through giving and receiving; as mutual respect is so important.

We fall in love with the authentic essence of our partner's expression. The truest form of Love is to be given the freedom to live authentically as Soul’s design. Freedom and trust are the foundation for a healthy connection.

Anything else is simply a game and a waste of energy.

~©️Elayne Lemon 2020

Artist: Toa Heftiba from Unsplash

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