Masculine Support

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

As the Sacred Divine Feminine unite in purpose, heart, and mind we are not talking about a gender issue. Every person has a yin (feminine) essence and a yang (masculine) essence. In perfect balance, harmony exists as both parts create the whole.

Yesterday at the Great Awakening Conference, as with any environment, energies were being stirred. Intuitively, I sat next to a beautiful couple and I held the man’s hand while his wife held his other hand.

His energy was that of strength, protection, power, and purity of love. Through the exchange, he offered me the grounding I needed to clear some conflicting energies. His tender heart was centered in truth and sweet tears of joy trickled down his face as this brother blessed me with a profound level of support.

I love men! During this great movement of disclosure, men are getting so much blame and angst projected toward them.

Everybody has a story of being disrespected, it is part of our Soul’s contract to awaken us to claim the Sovereignty within. Men have lived in a deeper, darker world than the feminine. Cultural conditioning has taught them from a tender age that it is inappropriate to express the feminine aspects of theirselves. They have shut down their authenticity as very young children, been bullied for being weak, have battled wars in the game of competition to provide for their families, and rarely have an outlet for emotional healing. Many men have also experienced sexual abuse that is never talked about and the only emotion that has been acceptable for a man is anger.

Together let’s stop the conflict against our brothers. My son’s are some of the most beautiful Soul’s I know and they have chosen to be solid in their presence of truth despite their examples around them. There are many beautiful men that hold this presence of the Sacred Divine Masculine. I deeply honor them.

It is time we all realize we are the Creator’s of our own experience. We can heal and rewrite the stories of our past and witness the alchemy of the embodiment of Pure Source Love. United, we change the world not in battle but through our wholeness.

~Elayne LeMonde

©️Elayne LeMonde 2018

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