Discovery of Self

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Only those that know me very well truly know my story. As single mother with full responsibility of five children, I was deathly ill with unbearable pain and bedridden for over 5 years. I got out of bed a few hours a day to work on my clients in order to sustain life, having lost all my money through outrageous medical bills, legal fees from a horrendous divorce, and some bad decisions to trust those I thought had my best interest. I kept my illness a secret, as my only source of income, I was well established in my healing practice and I feared criticism as to why I couldn't heal myself.

I died on the surgery table May 2013, bedridden for two years before I finally found what was wrong with me through research, alternative medicine and a holistic dentist. I had gangrene in my root canals that had spread into my sinus, jaw, and blood stream. It took me another three years to heal my body following my near death experience. Through absolute faith and trust in my inner Source of wisdom, guidance, and alignment with miracles I am alive, healthy, and have a deep knowing of the preciousness of life.

There is much more to be said about all that I have experienced, but I will leave that for my book that I have been writing. I am a living testiment of the powers of healing from trauma and abuse that happened years before, the original cause of my dental issues.

I have crossed over to the other side and I have experienced the eternal concsciouness of my Being that still lives despite the death of my form. It is a beautiful space of love and the grandeur, where I was granted access of the wisdom of my ancient Soul and the gift of my rembrance of these lifetimes and knowing. I also learned through this experience, the deepest meaning of love, which begins with me loving me, unlearning all that I had thought was truth, and taking in through presence the Sacredness of life's journey.

We will never die before our time. Our Soul has a specific mission and journey that it has designed in order to awaken to the magic and gifts of our journey. Everything in life is an orchestration for our rembrance of the divinity within. One can not avoid this process through complacency, especially in these times. We do always have a choice which is made from tuning into the heart and listening to truth, the first knowing . . . the one we second guess.

Mahalo and blessings Hawaii. This land is Sacred and protected for a Higher Purpose. Let's all hold this space of Knowing.

~Elayne Le Monde

©️Elayne LeMonde 2018

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