Empty Arms

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Your Soul’s sweet flutterings within my womb still echo through my mind. Your birth and death were one in the same; the event that forever changed the course of my life.

You have always been my angel; dancing with my Spirit and awakening the purity of my heart. Yet, there is no healing balm for my empty arms and throbbing breasts that long for your suckling. There is a wound within me that can not be filled by another. My shattered dreams of your journey were buried deep with your lifeless form.

No greater teacher has taught me of the preciousness of life. I discovered the deepest Source of Love through my broken heart of your passing.

~Elayne LeMonde ©️Elayne LeMonde 2018

Dedicated to my son Kye Lemon 11/15/1988 and ALL the parents that know the uncommunicative grief of empty arms.

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