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My astrologist forewarned me that I would take the path of Goddess Innanna. (I am aware that I am spelling the name different than the orginal spelling Inanna, it has to do with the numerology of the spelling, the true essence of the name).

I AM the embodiment of the Gifts of the Goddess. As a result, I have created a Mastery School with the Ancient Knowledge of the Goddess. The awakening keys and codes of the Goddess are encoded in the DNA. Reconnected and Activated to the Galactic Womb and the Womb of GAIA, the Sacred Divine Feminine will NOW rise. Everytime one reads ANY of my posts, please KNOW they carry activation codes, so if you are reading this NOW, the clarion call has been given.

The Goddess is NOT just the feminine gender. She is in ALL of us, masculine gender included. In our journey we must unite and harmonize the Sacred Feminie energy with the Sacred Masculine. We BEGIN with the Feminine awakening, and through her WHOLENESS and unconditional LOVE she awakens the Masculine to commune, harmonize, and become ONE through Sacred Intimacy. The Mysteries of the Holy Grail and the living waters of the WOMB's WISDOM are awaiting REBIRTH. This is the KEY to the POWERS of CREATION.

For those that are ready to fully live in the New reality, I have been shown a world where we UNIFY and support each other in our Manifestations, ignite the Infinite Knowing of our unique contribution, and work as a TRIBE in UNISON. ALL HUman, elementals, and kindgoms on our Earth live in Sovereignty and PEACE, in the FULL measure of their CREATION. EARTH is our PARADISE.

Below please experience the mythical story of INNANNA, the Goddess of Heaven and Earth.

Innanna – the name given to the exalted and prominent ancient Sumerian Goddess of Love, War, Sexuality and Fertility. Ishtar was her Akkadian name given by the first ancient Semitic civilization of Mesopotamia some 4,000 years ago (modern day Iraq/Persian gulf) The name can be translated as “Lady or Goddess of the Sky”. Her famous temple in the city of Uruk was called the “House of Heaven”. One of the many aspects she was perceived, is that of the star Venus – to be seen rising in the east in the morning and descending into the darkness in the west at night. The great Babylonian, Phoenician and Greek Goddesses, Ishtar, Astarte and Aphrodite are all latter names and incarnations of Inanna.

Associated with protection in battle , war, fertility and prosperity, She was also the embodiment of the potency of feminine beauty, love and sacred sexuality. In her temples the Hieros Gamos, a sacred sexual ritual was performed regularly believing that the dark energy of war, destruction and anger of warriors coming back from battle, could be drawn out of and healed in the man by the female priestesses of Inanna. This sacred marriage of sexuality was also thought to give legitimacy to Kings and fertility to their lands- a much sought after power to their throne which they couldn’t receive otherwise. Hence the power of this sacred ritual of Inanna was immense. We see this ritual played out in many subsequent pagan cultures of old.

Amongst her many myths and stories the most well known and reconstructed, is that of her “Descent into the Underworld”. Within the many versions of this epic story, we see the basic underlying theme of descending into the depths of darkness/hell,. Her journey is a symbolic descent into the subconscious and shadow parts of ourselves. Inanna had to pass through the seven gates of hell, disrobing of her crown, her jewels and all aspects of her material power. The metaphor is clear, in the discarding of the ego, the shedding of the superficial skin, the death of all that is inauthentic. At the end of her journey through these seven stages of descension , she is dead. After 3 days comes her resurrection, her rebirth. Transformed and ascended as the bright star of the sky, the light and beauty of the heavens and crowned the ‘Queen of Heaven and Earth’. We can see clearly how other latter patriarchal religions borrowed from this concept and how many latter Sacred Feminine archetypes also were given the same title.

Her symbols are that of the looped reed stalk denoting protection, fertility and divinity and seen influenced in the ankh and Isis knot of ancient Egypt . She is associated with the ancient and primordial bird and snake goddess- The wings of divinity and wisdom, and the power, regeneration and transformative healing of the serpent.

Inanna represents the Independent and forthright woman who is strong and secure in her feminine sexuality and beauty, rebirthing in her constant cycle of growth, living in the light of her authenticity and embracing her shadows and darkness. ….© Jo Jayson 2015 ~Elayne Le Monde ©Elayne Le Monde 2018

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