My Soul's Design

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

I have shared a portion of my story to show all, if I can heal, anyone can. I am in complete neutrality with the life I was born into. I have cleared and healed my issues with my victimhood, the perpetrators, my body, and my perception of the events that molded me. As harsh as my life has been, I am in over-flowing gratitude for my Soul’s design. I am awakened to my multi-verse gifts and wonderment.

Spirit showed me the horrors of the Earth, the toxic beliefs about myself I agreed to because of my abuse and story. I was taught how my rerun of my memories kept the conflict in place. I had to let go of my judgment and separation that held my mind captive to my suffering.

Our descent to Earth was designed specifically by our Soul to awaken us to the remembrance of our Divinity. We will ALL experience the Dark Night of the Soul, there is nothing one can do to avoid it. This is the purpose of life, to learn the grandeur of Source that lives through us. Earth is a Free Will zone, the grand design to balance our energies and learn to Master our lessons.

In our death we awaken to the New, where magic and mystery delights us in ecstasy and joy. Wonderment is a way of Being and Peace and Love reside. Through this KNOWING, the beauty of unification with our fellow HUman Beings is NOW.

Love the unloveable. See the truth in the pain. Forgive the unforgivable. Be free of the shame. Honor each person’s journey. See their Highest Light. Be there for one another. There is no wrong or right.

~Elayne Le Monde

©Elayne Le Monde

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