Threshold to Divine

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Enter into the place of worship, the dark cave of wonders where the wisdom of the Ancients is carved upon the walls.

The Sacred Mystery is revealed through honor of the entrance of the vesica pices. In the emptiness of the Void, the dormant seeds contain the vast possibilities awaiting arousal of HUman kind.

United with the Masculine spark of Creation, He is the action that activates Her gift to manifests the miracle into form.

She is the portal of the Divine. The bridge of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, the Eternal spring of Living waters.

Through reverence One must enter the Holy of Holies. Therein lies the Immortal stirrings of the Holy Grail. Wise man still seek the elixir of the Rose.

©️Elayne Le Monde 2018

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