Soaring on the Wings

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

As a single mother of 5 children, I have been so blessed to witness the unfolding essence of my children’s gifts, the emerging of All they are. Lovingly nurtured by the purity of my heart, they were my sole focus for the majority of my life. There is no greater joy that exists than to witness the blossoming of the rose through feeding another Being with pure love .

I have also been blessed to mentor beautiful Souls through my Intuitive and healing modalities for a good part of my life. I am NOW marveling at the magnificence of the gifts being revealed as these precious Soul’s Now embody their unique contribution to the web-of-life. We are One, my family of Light.

Now is the time to ride the Dragon of our own Power. The Feminine gifts awaken the Masculine essence Igniting our Lightbodies through the encodements of the activated DNA.

Spread your wings and fly. We are soaring on the winds of change. What a beautiful view from above, the greatest vision of the eternal Now

~Elayne Le Monde

©️Elayne LeMonde 2018

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