The Depths

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Poseidon rode his chariot across the seaside skies. He knighted me with his golden trident, lightening striked my inner eyes. The waxing moon winked at me, bedazzled by the sight. The Mermaids froliced in the waves as dolphins flipped in delight.

Sonar rays opened portals; to the depths I freely swam. Auroras crown placed on my head, her sceptor in my hand. The whales breeched in their mystic dance, the turtles floated by. The treasures cascade from my chest, glistening gems that mystify.

The crystal temple within the center sparkled its streaming light. Echoes of joy reverberated the remembrance of this site. Unicorns flew above it all, a very magical scene. Reborn of the water, I was liberated from the human dream.

~Elayne Le Monde ©️Elayne LeMonde 2018

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