The Power of Presence

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

In my near death experience I was shown the preciousness of life. I witnessed the web of lifetimes and how the culmination of each experience had brought me to the point where my only choice was resolution.

Following my death, I began a process of life review. I had to be accountable for all the illusions and lies I believed, my poisonous thoughts, as well as, my anger and blame towards another. I had to be accountable for all of it.

Our cellular memory and Akashic records contain the whole of our reality. I became intrinsically aware that I was the creator of all my experiences. This gave me the power to rewrite my stories, like the Butterfly Effect. Our minds do not know the difference of an actual experience or our imagination. First I had to deeply feel the conflict and then create the feeling I desired to shift the experience. We have to feel it to heal it.

I mastered the power of presence by finding the magic in the simplicity of life. The beauty of the dew drops on a blade of grass, the sounds of the whispering leaves in the wind, the peaceful bird that soared across my path, and the beauty of Mother Earth’s creations; the wonderment of Her delicate balance.

Most of all, I learned the value of loving my Self on the deepest levels . The preciousness of connection with those I cherished, and the knowing that the greatest legacy I can offer this world is the depth of my love.

~Elayne Le Monde

©Elayne Le Monde 2018

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