Goddess Rising

Once a tight bud of of potential, her feminine petals glisten through her presence, enmeshing herself in the embodiment of joy. The Goddess blossoms as her fragrance exudes the wholeness of her transcendence. She is awakened to the mystery within her flesh, as Shakti burns brightly, purifying the siddha’s of her suffering.

She who rises from the ashes carries the sacred flames of her descent. Merging with the multi-verse, she honors the powers of the creatrix. She is a sacred container who ignites the dreams of expression into form. Encoded to awaken through her reverence for her journey, her inner mystic guides her to fully embrace her innate wisdom. Her intuitive gifts are expanding as her unified rhythms merge with the beating heart of Mother Earth. Living freely through her awakened heart, she embraces her greatest potential, liberated through love of her unveiling beauty.

The Goddess lives within each of us. The lost art of the feminine essence has returned to equalize the true masculine template, electric charge. A delicate dance of harmony that requires the devotion and pure respect to ignite the eternal flame of love.

©Elayne Le Monde 2022

Artist: Joey Nicotra from Unsplash

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