Intoxicating Bliss

Enticed through your masculine essence and strength, the wild lioness reveals the mystery of the sensuous magic of our rapture. An ever-expanding intoxication of bliss discovered through our sensual dive into the unknown. Deepening through synchronized breath, we attune our bodies to the quivering eroticism of divine grace. We are a hallowed dance of sultry surrender, a unifying force field of merging flesh and spirit.

Our soul songs are a symphony of presence; the sacred medicine awakened through union of fluids and forms. Rippling pulsations of pleasure reveal the pathway to ever-expanding awareness that emerges as the cobras frolic up our spines. The rawness of our vulnerability draws us further into the unknown; where barriers and boundaries are dissolved through our passionate flow of love.

I am in you. You are in me. Our signature echoes divine harmony through our united wholeness. Our devotion is discovered through our healing balm of intimacy.

~Elayne Le Monde ©Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Christiana River - Unsplash

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