Intricate Wisdom

Our bodies are one of the most intricate and advanced systems of form within the Universe.

Our human experience of incarnation offers us the lessons to remember our Mastery. The grand design is to awaken and embody the merging of Spirit and Matter. This is the Sacred marriage that occurs when we realize the powers of our Creator Self that are encoded within our DNA.

We have the capacity within us to regenerate and heal all imbalances within our system. We have the right and privilege to restore the patterns of disease and decay when we consciously clear the old templates of humanity.

Programs that teach us otherwise are part of the system to limit our expansive capacity of wholeness.

We are limitless Soul’s and in this Knowing; we unlock the vast Mystery that unleashes our highest potential.

Miracles are unfolding Now. We will witness those who have freed themSelves from the Matrix. Our illumination is felt through the purity of Love that comes from the heart-flame of Divinity.

©Elayne Le Monde Artist: Adryan Ra from Unsplash

1Matthias Busche

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