It's All Perspective

We are born into the families we have by design, a karmic balance, and soul choice. On the 6th dimension, right and wrong are just perspectives. Whatever it takes to awaken us has been agreed upon before we came. There is no right or wrong. We have Soul contracts with others to play out scenarios for both soul’s growth and awareness.

Ultimately, the only goal in life is to awaken to and integrate our experiences in order to transcend our awareness. In the transcendence, we realize we are co-creators with Source. We are able to embody this principle through our self-awareness and mastery of our powers in order to create a higher dimensional way of living.

It’s perfection within the imperfection. Our work on this earthly plane is to make responsible choices to the triggers we receive. Are we able to remain neutral? Are we able to remember that All is love, conditional or unconditional? We always have a choice in our response through our presence.

~Elayne Le Monde 2020 Artist: Kevin Delvecchi from Unsplash

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