Life is Just a Dream

Our body is our AVATAR, a sacred vessel, and a temple to house our Soul. The mission in life is our embodiment. Mastery through our form is the avenue of creation, as our future selves have returned to ground our transcendence in the physical realm of existence.

Many Souls desired to be here at this important time as time travelers from the future in order to clear our unconscious, held in the discordant states of our body vehicles. Neutralization, harmony, and pure love for life is our path to enlightenment. It matters not who you are in other existences if you can not love yourself in this existence, merging traits of other dimensional realities into our now moment.

Transcendence occurs when one is willing to recognize in our diamond faceted reality, our addictions are our fears that maintain the illusion, keeping one from deeply Knowing ourSelves. This is our sacred work, to lean into the destroyer, allow all that is not in alignment with our truth to be stripped away, in order to experience harmony in our existence.

On the 3D/4D dimension, we experience ourselves as matter, governed by time and space. Yet, we are actually geometry organized through the vibration of particles and waveforms. We are multi-dimensional Beings, experiencing consciousness simultaneously in other dimensional realities, as well as parallel existences.

It is difficult for our 3D mental constructs to think outside our linear perception. However, just as one still exists in a dream state without mental awareness of their body, consider the possibility that life is the dream. The true state of our existence is the one dreaming our human awake time.

~©Elayne Le Monde 2020 Artist: Jamie Handley from Unsplash

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