Listen, There's More to Learn

We curse each other through our projections and labels, a division based on a difference of perception or opinion. Yet, each Soul has chosen their path to gain the understanding of their own mastery. None of us have had the same experiences in life that have molded us into who we are now.

We are an ever-evolving species expanding and moving beyond out-dated expressions of ourselves. Still, when one gets triggered through someone’s message, cognitive dissonance clicks in and we activate the flight or fight response. Any intense emotion or projection through name calling is a defense mechanism response used in order to ignore a new perspective on reality.

Triggers are thought forms or entities that require us to question what we are trying to hide from ourselves. Our limited perspective or shadow aspect of self wants to protect and control the feedback of the incoming information.

Yet, consider that the average human is only 12% conscious, which means 88% of our unconscious programming must be brought to the surface for awareness and in order to neutralize the discordant energy. Our programs and agreements have been made in a theta trance state which is the first 7 years of our lives. We hypnotically download our parents beliefs and patterns, and then everything we were taught becomes our life program, unless we choose to question our perspectives and harmonize our view.

Political parties, family loyalty programs, religious systems, or any group for that matter creates a group mind consciousness are system of cohesive support. Most groups relate through some form of wound-bonding.

Groups create an illusion of safety since everyone in a group wants to be the same as another, but the fallacy is that none of us are the same since we have been shaped through our live’s perspectives. In this mentality, when one begins to expand beyond the limited group mind, those who do not want to change become triggered.

Therefore, they punish and isolate the messenger through projecting shame, guilt, and ridicule. It’s a tale as old as time, and the hierarchy has always used this power so we will fight amongst ourselves. Then they can give us more laws to restrict us.

I wonder how our world would change if we stopped our out-lashes, judgment, and abandonment of others when they give another perspective. What would it feel like to stop your need to defend your opinion and consider the fact that someone you have previously trusted may possibly have expansive thoughts that come from a very educated experience and view.

In our current world of chaos, the truest gift you may offer another being is your listening ear. Allow them to state their opinion and why they feel that way. Then don’t take it personal, just listen to learn from a different perspective.

Then we begin to recognize that everyone is our teacher and our mirror. Observe what is in you presence space and messages. You are creating it all. When you choose to stop resisting, then you can discover it’s time for you to question everything and allow the flow of life to teach you a new way of relating. In times of quantum change, the only thing we can do is let go of the way we thought it would be and discover the miracles right before our eyes. There is a message for you. Observe it.

~Elayne Le Monde

Elayne Le Monde 2020

Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery School

Artist: Unknown

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