Love Heals All

If we allow ourselves to witness the entire dilemma being played out in front of our eyes; we are experiencing a reflection of our own perception and projections. Within every Soul on Earth is the power, responsibility, and witness to learn that Love heals ALL.

Love of those that do it different, love for those we judge as selfish, love for those that do not see things the same way we do.

Everyone must live their own truth. It’s up to us to be the guardian of our own vessel. Personally, I am loving my experience, honoring my own serenity, and allowing every individual to choose their own destiny. I stay HME and only interact with those that honor my energy.

It’s the fight between two opposing issues that is the real issue. When we listen to each other instead of listening to defend, the world will experience balance again.

~Elayne Le Monde Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Meckl Antal from Unsplash

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