Magic of Source

Though our sensual essence is innate within us, until one takes the journey to discover the hidden treasure within the embers of their pain; one continues to experience an emptiness in sexual exchanges.

Everyone has trauma around their sexuality because we have encountered intrusions and have been introduced to sexuality through conflicted interest. In addition, we have experienced connections with others that are also wounded, and played out a scenario where we feel victimized or become a perpetrator. Through our unconscious archetypical behaviors, the mirror of our beliefs continues to be exposed between unhealed partners.

Since embodiment is our purpose, as one discovers how to completely own their entire energy field and human form, we unveil the process of not only healing our sexual conflicts but also awakening the hidden treasures contained within our trauma.

Women and men hold yin/yang polarities. Balance of the feminine and masculine polarities is our individual quest and process towards our awakening to the grandeur of our Kundilini flow. In a harmonic state of resonance within, we attract a vibrational match in our partner.

A woman needs to be given space to unveil her mysteries through exploration of her body. Men need to be given space to bring their sexual energy into a heart focus and reverence of the power contained in their release. Unless one makes this conscious quest to discover the sacred power as God/Goddess creators, we continue to experience a disconnect in our sexuality. Blaming others for our Soul designed journey never brings resolution.

Our sexuality is our deepest path of discovery of truly knowing ourSelf. The unveiling is witnessed through honoring the magic of Source living in form. When one knows the beauty of their own delicious, sensual being only then may they invite the honor and reflection of divinity through their partner.

Artist: Wesley Balten from Unsplash

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