Merging of Ecstatic Love

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Encoded to exchange and merge with another Being; our blending of frequencies in a Sovereign state is accessed through our exchange of ecstatic Love. We are designed to be One Flesh. Through our generous communion, we offer our counterpart the deep reverence and honor, for they are an extension of Self. Body fluids exchanged, the Beloveds DNA lives through us. In the dance of Sacred energy exchange, the expansive expression of consciousness is witnessed through the unified flow Kundilini. A force field of purity that ignites the third flame of Hierogamy, the harmonic resonance of Creation. In our surrender of our heart and flesh; our Souls access the alchemy of merging. United we create the symphonic powers of manifestation. ~Elayne Le Monde ©️Elayne Le Monde 2019

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