The Descent into the Underworld

My descent to the Underworld began, as my very foundation shook. Everything I knew was turned upside as the remembrance of truth echoed from my Soul. I had been lulled to sleep in my agony. Diligently, I had worked very hard to wear the face of the woman that had it all together. Yet, the dominos were falling faster than I could stop and my memories began to flood my mind. Grief bore it’s ugly claws and the gates of Hell welcomed me with open arms. There awaiting my awareness of the skeletons of my past.

Like a sliver underneath the skin, my feelings buried alive erupted to the surface for me to observe the piss that ran through my veins. The destroyer's merciless destruction collapsed my reality built upon the foundation of the lies and agreements to a system I never had really questioned.

In the emptiness of my surrender, the reverence of my nothingness became the very key to my liberation from the hell within my mind. Racked with my separation from my truth, the shining gems began to glisten in the murky waters of my shameful tears. There I discovered the raw energy of my spells, the destructive mind-loops that create the chaos in my world. All is Soul designed, to bring balance from multi-verse lifetimes of mis-use of power and the absence of love.

In our death we are reborn to the Grandeur of our Soul’s design. Out of the Dark Light, a sun is born, and in the death of a sun, it must return to the Dark Light. The Womb of the Void, the Dark Light is the space where all Creation begins. Dark has been distorted to allude to evil, yet, dark is the container where the seed of life implants within the cave of creation. A place to be renewed, to grow a harmonic reality, and to experience coherence of our inner peace through the outer reflection of our world.

Our INNATE wisdom of the ages is encoded within our DNA. Our individual work clears and heals our ancestors and frees the binding cords for our posterity. The Golden Age commands we are united as ONE with Source, a return to innocence through our neutrality and compassion. Earth is Library of Learning, a Soul designed journey to awaken the remembrance of the Divinity of our purpose and our unique contribution on Earth. We are ALL a fractal reality of Source, the dreamer of the dream. United we create the world we desire.

~Elayne Le Monde ©Elayne Le Monde 2020 Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery School

A great source about suppressed and awakened trauma: Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick Artist: Unknown

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