Our Playground of Discovery

Sexuality is our playground of self discovery where we allow our true essence to be revealed. Love and devotion to our partner is an invitation to unveil more of ourself to ourself as our partner is the witness. When there is a disconnect in our sexuality, we are creating deeper wounds of separation and actually manifesting our insatiable lust into our reality. Then we wonder why our lives aren’t flowing as our soul has dreamed.

Ultimately we must take responsibility for our own choices. We get the love we vibrationally align with. If we are willing to settle for the counterfeit of love for the sensation of immediate gratification, we will never know ourself through true communion in the exchange of Love.

Until the right partner comes along, we must take back our external fantasies and teach our body that our genitals and hearts are connected. We learn to experience our stimulation as love for ourself, free of external, visual stimulation. Only then may consciously break through the outdated patterns of our sexual experience and recognize sex as a ceremony of love towards ourself.

Sex is no joke. The sacred power of the feminine womb space is the container that brings dreams into form. The masculine dreams sparks the unified field of the couples communion into action.

Woman is the creatrix, the portal between heaven and earth. Her access to her innate wisdom, love, and willpower, birth not only children, but also, the unified consciousness of a couples sensual focus into form through the exchange of our bliss.

~Elayne Le Monde 2022

www.EmoowerWholeness.con Sacred Divine Mystery School

Artist: Jannes Jacobs from Unsplash

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