Our Sacred Medicine

Our unified heart and sexual expression is required for the deepest form of communion. There we access the release of our neurotransmitters and hormones; chemicals that enhance our connection, regeneration, and healing frequency innate within our form. We may completely rewrite our energy field by becoming the guardian of your sexual essence. We are designed to unite as one flesh, experiencing with our partner the heights of nirvana. Through the process of our kundalini rising; we have the capacity to regenerate and restore our physical bodies, access our spiritual bliss, and connect through our deep surrender to the sacredness of our sexual exchange.

While it is important for us to explore ourselves as sovereign sexual beings; there comes a point where we must recognize the desire to harnesses another’s sexual energy for recreation is an insatiable quest that is dividing our heart. When we allow, align, or accept the counterfeit of love, we are simply revealing our complete disregard for our emotional well-being. Still, our prowess is portrayed as liberation by society. We must collectively stop the patterns that have become so normalized around our sexuality. These programs are intended to deplete our life-force energy, withdraw love in our connections, and create secrets that enhance our separation of healthy sexual exchange.

The foundation of relationships have been drastically crumbling, while the entertainment industry encourages exploratory behavior of our sexual essence. Relationships are faltering, and for good reason. The basic premises of devotion, true connection, and respect for our sexuality has been completely diminished. The continual search for a new, spontaneous adventures is a serious epidemic, a shallow release of sexual tension that has been accepted as a habitual norm.

As those with power over our media have intended, the intrusive force of pornography has shaped our culture. At one click, we are able to access another arousal, counterfeit connection, or thought-form that encourages our continual distraction from healthy sexual exchange. Society is addicted to more provocative and enticing visions than ever before. Those consumed by this system are unable to experience viable connections with another. As one separates their sexuality from their heart, they not only withdrawal love from within, but also withdraw their love from their partner. Maintaining secrets enhances our separation of true intimacy when we do not use our sexual energy as an exchange of love. Our most precious, creational energy feeds the collective consciousness through soul consumption and deepens the wound of society. Love has become a drug in which one person controls the relationship as the drug dealer, and the other is a love addict; desperately awaiting their partners intermittent attention which enhances co-dependency.

True connection awaits our conscious rewriting of our sexual awareness. As humans, we become use to a pattern that works without much thought. This is especially true in our sexuality, where fantasies are a distraction and our focus on performance has made our connections unfulfilling. Instead of using your sexuality to escape reality, one must relearn to honor and respect our exchanges as a ceremony of love. As we become the witness of our sensations through presence, we ignite through our depth of vulnerability. Our life-force energy becomes a source of healing regeneration for our body, mind, and soul through this process.

©Elayne Le Monde 2021

Artist: We-Vibe-Toys from Unsplash

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