Our Sensual Self

Every sentient Being on this planet has four basic needs: eat, sleep, breath, and sex. We are unable to stop any of these functions.

So why do we live in a silent shame around our sexuality? What would it feel like to forgive yourSelf deeply for not knowing what you know now?

Much of our violence and aggression in the world comes from withholding the Sacred flow of ecstasy into our lives. We haven’t been given a model that allows the true, authentic part of us to emerge.

We are sexual Beings. We came into the world through a vagina and we orgasm as we are welcomed in the loving arms of consciousness Creation at our death. Sexuality is the feminine, intuitive flow; the beauty of the night where we restore ourSelves with love and connection.

Let’s rewrite the truth around our Feminine essence. There is a power that desires to exude its fragrance and be experienced through the erotic nature of our embodiment. We are incarnated in human form in order to experience all of us; vibrating, flowing, and dancing in the love and reflected by the Beloved partner.

Now we must let go of our deep beliefs that we have to keep secrets of our sensual Self. True Spirituality comes from Spirit’s communion with Matter.

Pleasure is our Divine gift through the embodiment of ourSelf and that we share with another. It’s the purest expression of Love when it is authentic, spontaneous, and passionately erotic it Liberates the wild nature of our authentic expression.

©Elayne Le Monde 2019

Artist: Timo Stern from Unsplash

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