Our Superpower

Our feminine sensuality is our superpower. As we awaken to the beauty of our mystery, we become like a caterpillar deeply enveloped within the cocoon of liberation.

It is within our dark womb space where the seed of sovereignty must grow. Our feminine essence is the gateway of our transcendence. Our hearts reverence for our sacred body temple, is the path to claim the true feminine essence that lies dormant awaiting our ecstatic celebration of Shakti.

Through the feminine receiving principle, our wings take flight. The gems of our shadow hold the powers of our restoration, welcoming our unique soul expression through our neutralized pain. We rise our reverence for our sensual grace to heal our feminine expression, one person at a time, united in the devotion of the feminine force.

©Elayne Le Monde LLC

Artist: Gaston Roulstone from Unsplash

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