Pathway to Consciousness

If I were a very talented martial artist, I would choose the most skilled counterpart to challenge my mastery. Through this experience, I would create someone that refined my flaws by bringing my awareness to my blind spots; in order to sharpen and refine my skill set.

As ancient Souls, we knew this journey into matter was about being lost in the veils of illusion. The Maya is a powerful place where we have an opportunity to deeply explore our wholeness, knowing ourselves as both dark and light.

Our Souls chose every event that has ever happened in our lives. In addition, our Souls chose specific people to carry out abusive experiences for the benefit of each soul’s learning, a karmic balance of initiations.

Now that we are moving through the age of Knowing, our path of wisdom is obtained through the integration of our fragments. Our neutrality creates a state of balanced harmony from within.

We heal through mourning the parts of us that have been transgressed. Once observed, the raw energy of our transcendence becomes our super power. As we claim the sovereignty of our body, we free the trapped memories of our past, which allows us to merge into wholeness.

Our pain is the pathway to our consciousness. Accepting our life lessons, arouses our discovery through becoming our own sacred witness. Then our bodies free our subconscious wounds, allowing the wisdom of our womb to emerge.

Only through becoming the sacred witness of our pain may we awaken to our true pleasure. Shakti rising is our feminine source of strength and power.

©Elayne Le Monde

Artist: Xan Griffen from Unsplash

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