Reverencing Our Gift of Touch

A union so pure and powerful is available to us, beyond our wildest dreams. It’s the higher octave of Love, a purity of wholeness found outside the inverted matrix. The age of Aquarius is the age of Knowing, and no deeper awareness is available to HUmanity than to BE the embodiment of our Soul’s essence. This requires our maturity and evolution around our sexuality.

Our sacred creational powers gift us access to the divine. In our sovereign wholeness, unified with the Beloved through deep devotion; our communion grants us bliss as we merge with Pure Source. Our sensual communion becomes a prayer between Souls, where we lose our identities and merge into the limitless sea of potential. Our unified polarities of our God/Goddess ignite the third fire, which is the rapture of our union. Opening portals through our harmony, our unified souls signature is the healing frequency that echoes through the web of life.

This union is only granted to those willing to let go of everything they have known around sex. There are many who would like to argue that this state is the fairy tale of love; the doubt stems only from those who have yet crossed the threshold of ecstasy.

We have been taught through a system of propaganda a distortion of our sexuality. The game is designed to promote separation, chaos, and confusion in our most important relationships and manifest power. We must unplug from the bombardment of our consciousness fed to us through the media, subliminal messages, projected thought-forms, gender confusion, and division designed to harness our sexual energy. The Maya only offers us the counterfeit of love.

As we ignite our sacred medicine of communion, the keys to our unique expression are revealed as the avenues of our restoration and access to our innate powers. Awakening from the veils of illusion, our work lies through the restoration of our unified hearts and haras. To harness our sexual energy potential, we must use our sexuality as a source of love, connection, and regeneration. We consciously welcome sacredness through our vulnerability, and devotion through our sexual exchanges by reverencing the gift of touch.

©Elayne Le Monde 2021

Artist: Sharon McCutcheon from Unsplash

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