Root Canal Danger

I have a horrendous story that left me bedridden, dangling on the brink of life and death, for 5 years from having gangrene in my root canals.

Root canals kill the nerve sensation and the blood supply to the tooth. Basically, it’s leaving a dead body part in your body that can no longer receive oxygen nor medicine to heal an infection.

The ligaments and the tubules connected to the root canal have the toxins within them also.

When you remove a tooth, the dentist needs to remove these in addition or the infection continues to exists. Teeth are connected to the bone marrow of our bodies, which directly impacts the immune system.The blood supply to each tooth also has a meridian association, which affects internal organs. Infected teeth are associated with a vast amount of auto immune issues, breast cancer, and this list goes on.

Studies have also shown that 90% of all cancer patients have root canals.

When I tried to take my case to get legal assistance after lab-tested results of gangrene in my removed teeth, the lawyer told me there wasn’t a lawyer in the country that would touch my case due to the power of the dental industry’s ability to fight against me.

Root canals are one of the hidden secrets of destruction within our health industry.

Want more info:

Dr. Mercola’s article on danger of root canals was the answer to my healing quest.…/05/31/…/root-canal-teeth.aspx

Dr. Alireza Panahpour, DDS in Seattle is the expert holistic dentist that saved my life. His new book: The Good Dentist.

~Elayne Le Monde

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