Seedlings of Change

Earth is in the same astrological alignment as it was in the fall of Atlantis. The fall was caused by synthetic sound-wave frequencies that distorted the connection to Source light; the true guidance system and the lifestream of love. The MU civilizations had to leave the surface of our planet, no longer able to withstand the impact of the distortion of the energy. As a result, the veils of illusion became a predominant force-field where the mental thought-forms and projections focused on competition for resources.

Earth has always been a planet of survival. The natural order of death and rebirth is self-sustaining. Mother Gaia creates restoration through her evolutionary methods. We witness this through the example of pinecones, symbolic of our pineal gland. In the extreme heat of the raging forest fires, pinecones open to release the tender seeds of new life. The fertile soil is rich with minerals and nutrients from the charred ashes of the old. The water cycles and sunlight feed the seedlings birthed from the heart of the chaos. Adaptation has always been the determination of the survival of any species. In the chaotic turmoil and commotion of change, the emergence of a new level of homeostasis is obtained.

We are watching as Mother Earth’s fiery is blazing across our planet. Humans as her conscious cells are the most intelligent species of Earth’s body. Our particles and wave-forms create a powerful impact in the direction of our evolution for humanity, which is imminent. The distortions of power for resources and excess gain has driven this world to the densest places of slavery and misuse of humankind. We have disregarded nature, the home for all sentient Beings, and kingdoms of our planet.

The crystalline field is designed to awaken within us the unlimited access of our power as co-creators. The tools to navigate the veils of illusion in our Earth’s free-will zone are freely available as the photonic light increases upon our planet. We are playing a game of Sardines in the Matrix. There are those amongst us that hold the flickering flame of Light who are merged with their future Self that has already witnessed and the transcendence of their shadow. Our agreement to participate in the continual lies hidden through the rituals of the blood and horror on this planet must stop, as we are here to transform this existence.

The political elections play out their chaos in front of us are a source of contraction; each party filled with corruption and lies. Votes are bought through the mind-control programs where they sway us to divide and create polarities in our opinions. Much like the times of the Bible where the Tower of Babel confused our communication, we are experiencing the same event in real-time. None of us are listening to hear. Our communication is being distorted through our out-rage and judgment filtered through our perception. The conflict within our minds, our relationships, our homes, and our communities are growing. No one is being swayed through the outcries of injustice nor protests. Yet, we all desire the liberation and trust to experience an evolved way of Being where love is freely given to all inhabitants on Earth. Our vote for their system is an agreement to their game.

Connected to the Higher realms of truth, our heart’s resonance and unification with like-hearted souls can create a quantum shift in our reality. Is our world really limited to what is being presented to us? Do we really have to accept the mockery of leadership like the crowd praising the emperor’s new clothes? The child-like questioning of our escalating restrictions is the key to breakthrough society’s limited views. We have a choice to become robots and give away our power for a sense of false safety and security. A system designed by those with the most wealth, control our minds through the intrusion of thought-forms to modify our behavior. This is a similar wave amplification used from Atlantis, mind-control frequencies that create fear and panic, moving us deeper in our division and relinquishing of our rights, power, and freedom. May we please accept the fact that there is no government that is on humanity’s side. Politicians all have the same puppet-master bound to their insatiable desire for wealth, power, and prestige.

United in our focus, we can create a miraculous alternative to the direction our lives are moving. At the most important time in the history of humanity, our unified heart-field must return to innocence and dream a purity of compassion and harmony. We must let go of the way it has been designed in order to embrace the feminine flow as co-creators with Source. Our Super Power is activated through Love as an Invocation for expansion, unfiltered expression, and liberation.

The work we do within shifts our timelines throughout the cosmos like a domino effect. We change the world from the inside out as we each claim our individual worthiness to live a life of truth, respect, and honor for ourselves and our fellow travelers. Then we witness through the Law of Attraction our outer world reflection of our inner alignment. All possibilities exist exponentially. Our true work is to take our focus off of the pain of our increasing outer drama. Our shadows and triggers are the pathways to a new existence. As we feel our emotions, the energy in motion is neutralized; the healing balm for our world is an individual process. The only thing that is certain in our kaleidoscope of reality is change. The fire of our passion for freedom releases the seedlings within the ashes of the old system. We transform our out-dated ways through a ripple of harmonic peace through our presence. Our true currency is our authentic power that comes from living our lives in integrity with Source.

~© Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Thomas Bormans from Unsplash

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