Shifting the Consciousness

Those that are in tune with the feminine flow know the depth of emotions. Emotions are energy in motion-triggered by our thought-forms that inevitably create our reality. The feminine cycles relate with the moon; an ebb and flow that allows her to dissolve out-dated emotions and beliefs for not only herself but also those she lives with. Her deep sensitivity and discernment are refined in these cycles. In her acceptance and power of transcendence, her dynamic gifts of wisdom neutralize disharmony and conflict within our realm. 

The DNA codes contain generations of realizations, as well as, misperceptions. The intricacy of our system knows to slough off the old, to let go of that which no longer serves us, and to awaken our powers as co-creators with Source. The deep caverns of her darkness are the quest of the Holy Grail. The magic that awakens the mystery of the ancients, witnessed through our rawness that strips one from the illusions of repression. To know ourselves is our purpose. Our unveiling awareness is an expansive reflection and witness of the restoration through the records of the multi-verse. As we listen and learn through the mystical rhythms of our form, the intuitive flow and discernment are the guiding forces that shift humanity.  

The alchemy of our suffering is the keys to awakening the Goddess, sage, and muse. A steady strength and foundation come through living authentically in our feminine essence, accessing the limitless realms of creation. As we lovingly listen to our bodies, we learn through our intuitive nature and discernment. The art of our healing balm is aroused through our receptivity, a concept of discovery as we unveil and honor the voice of our womb. The nurturance we so freely give others is our superpower, yet the feminine principle is that of the receiver. In our balance, we harness our magic. A container for miracles, we multiple that which is brought to our holy sanctuaries with love. 

Our cycles release our blood back through the water cycles of Mother Earth. Water’s crystalline data is the record-keeping of humanity. The silica of the stars and the fluidity of the waters live through us, and our restored connection to the Universal mind is available through the ice and water upon our planet. Water is emotion; the gravitational pull of that responds to the moon. The amount of water on earth is limited. Thus the cycles of precipitation, infiltration, evaporation, and condensation assure we are all connected through water, as our bodies are 77% water. 

The moon cycles represent change. Our heart’s unison is the transmitter through the waters within. The geometric perfection of our heart’s coherence is the ripple of Love. Our harmony with our sacred rhythms neutralizes our emotions; thus shifting the consciousness of our world.   

~© Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Karem Karaarslan from Unsplash

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