Soul Experiencing Self through Matter

Our sexual nature is our true expression of Self. Free from our minds, the renewing energy ignites revitalization and joy by being our authentic Self.

We were born through sex and when we die, we pass through an euphoric bliss into a new reality.

As a society, we are taught not to speak about this crucial aspect of life. Inflicted morals create a division and judgment around our sexuality. We also shame those that are free to be spontaneous.

Spirituality and Sexuality are one in the same. Most human beings are only educated about sexuality through the propaganda of indulgence and perversion or moral religious programming designed to limited sexual expressions and connections.

True embodiment is to learn to love our bodies through the healing power of touch, awakening kundilini flow, and pure exchange of love with our partner.

Let’s bring the beauty of our human existence through our conscious awareness. As we learn to ignite our sexual channels, we access a part of ourselves that thrives. Isn’t this the reason our Soul chose to experience itSelf through matter?

©Elayne Le Monde 2019

Artist: Ava Sol from Unsplash

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