Sovereign Being

Through acceptance of our current situation, our presence teaches us to enjoy life as a sovereign being, if and when it is right, our true union will arrive. Often when one surrenders to things not being the way we think it should be, we are able to be present and provide the nurturance and love to ourselves.

Divine unions will begin to manifest more this next year. Many people have had to do intense introspection and growth in order to be in this kind of union.

Many times we think we are ready for it, but until one has merged with the shadow aspects of self, the work is not complete.

Trusting our inner knowing of the sacred union continues to bring one closer to that reality. Our emotions and thoughts create the timelines we live in. So often when we give up on the idea of union and let it go, we come to a state of complete satisfaction with our life as it is. This creates space for the new to arrive. Gratitude is the key.

You will never miss what is meant for you. What you are seeking is also magnetically pulling you towards this awareness, otherwise the desire would not be there.

~Elayne Le Monde 2020

Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery School

Artist: Thought Catalog from Unsplash

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