Spaces Between

Harmonized with our partner in our sensual, creative flow; we merge our bodies and relinquish our minds, opening deeper into our sacred dance of sexual exchange.

Authenticity and vulnerability in a state of no-mind, allows us to seize the moment of our ebb and flow. Two polarities merging in wholeness, the center pathway honors our innate awareness that I am in you, and you are in me. United in our powers of manifestation, we access our restorative state of bliss. Through a sacred surrender of trust and reverence for another, we offer our union as a genuine gift to each other, healing through our merging love.

In the most exquisite symphonies, the key to the magic lies in the spaces between the notes. A rhythmic bliss of connection coupled with the pauses creates a perfect harmony. When we allow the spaces in our relationships to exist, the yearning desire to reunite is a healing force of regeneration and reconnection.

Unfortunately, the constant availability of social connections vies for our attention. Our clinginess to our partner is a repellant that invites outside intrusions to disrupt the cohesion of our connections. Mingled with the bombarding social propaganda; honor and reverence for our sacred unions have been replaced with self-indulgence and an insatiable frenzy to release pent-up sexual energy without an emotional exchange. Sexuality is sold everywhere, a dis-ease and addictive loop of shame that produces emotional distance, and distrust between our partners.

We are designed to complement and heal through each other with intimacy. Yet, the propaganda for self-discovery and importance has resulted in selfish mind-constructs. Our connection to the 3D feasting of others' sexual energy is now the norm. Entitled through our indulgence; we are experiencing a withholding of love for not only our partners but also ourselves. The concept of pure communion with another being is becoming obsolete. Bombarded with all the alternatives to true intimacy, our avoidant behavior feeds an industry designed to harnesses our sexual power and deplete our life-force energy. Few people know how to experience true connections now. Our constant usage of our media devices leave us lonely and yearning, never able to fulfill the insatiable hunger that lies beneath the surface. We use and disregard each other and then wonder what is wrong with our world. We also do not give our relationships our authentic trust, constantly texting hinders the ability to create the space between our connections.

In the days of old, we courted another with the intention to unify. Now we use our sexual energy as a recreational sport, misusing another and ultimately shaming them for feeling the sexual exchange had any meaning.

There is a symphony waiting to awaken within us. The music of love soothes our souls through our complete surrender to another in our sensual playfulness. Deep healing occurs between partners when we create the harmony of communion. Our healing power accessed through our sacred energy exchange is the wormhole to a new reality. With the symphony of two soul signatures merging in wholeness, we become one with the music of the spheres through our communion.

~©Elayne Le Monde 2021

Artist: Taisiia Stupak

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