The Crone’s Awakening

To be the witness of her darkness is her sacred path to discovering her hidden gems of her body’s restoration. The crone’s awakening requires a delicate reverence, as the raw energy of her suffering is the gateway to her sovereign power. Lying dormant within the ashes, the womb’s wisdom arouses through her ability to harnesses her creative force. The sacred marriage between her heart and hara, teaches her to use the cleansing rhythms of earth, stripping her to her emptiness, where her sensual grace is one with Source.

Her passionate nature orchestrates a symphony within her form, welcoming her unveiling liberation through her presence. The feline spirit lies dormant within her veins, and through her love language of deep desire, she accepts the invitation to emerge through her rapture. Therein, she accesses her delicate blossoming, welcoming her Soul to live ecstatically within her form.

©Elayne Le Monde 2022

Artist: Alexander Krivitskiy from Unsplash

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